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VW compensation could be owed to millions of people in the UK touched by the VW emissions scandal.

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1.2 million vehicles in the UK are affected by the VW emissions scandal

VW Compensation

Millions worldwide may be entitled to VW compensation due to the Volkswagen emissions scandal. Volkswagen recently announced that approximately 1.2million UK-based vehicles have illegal 'defeat devices' installed. The Volkswagen emissions scandal is shaking the car industry to its very foundations. In fact, about one in ten diesel vehicles in the UK have the illegal software manipulation installed. The figure is inclusive of 508,276 VW cars.

Only Germany has more affected vehicles than the UK in the world.

What have VW done wrong?

Volkswagen recall The US authorities caught Volkswagen breaking vehicle emissions rules, by manipulating the findings of scientific tests. VW installed 'defeat devices', which give inaccurate readings in emissions tests. VW hoped to make the Volkswagens being tested appear more environmentally friendly than they really were.

The banned software installed in the affected Volkswagens changed the car's natural road-going behaviour and reduced output of certain nasty chemicals. The cars did not actually give the same readings when being used normally in daily use by millions of drivers. The actual environmental impact of these cars was significantly worse than it appeared in the US authorities tests.

What's next for VW owners?

Patrick McLoughlin, UK Transport Secretary, stated that 'VW are contacting all UK customers affected'. VW are doing this to offer people free removal of the rogue software. At this point VW have not given customers any guarantees about compensation.

VW will begin their vehicle recall in January 2016, the new head of VW has announced. Matthias Mueller has targetted completing all the recalls by the end of 2016. In the meantime, VW have been quick to point out that all affected vehicles are 'completely safe'.

VW compensation

In spite of Volkswagen's pleas for calm, there are law firms circling to establish whether VW compensation will become a reality. At least one major law company are instigating legal action against VW on behalf of Volkswagen owners.

  • Customer misled morally: Lots of VW drivers bought their 'clean' diesels to try to reduce their environmental footprint. The diesels appeared to be economical to drive, and the toxic gases that diesels are notorious for were all within EU/US regulatory limits, so they believed it was an environmentally-friendly decision. In fact, VW had deceived owners about the real amounts of NOx (some of the most toxic emissions), making them appear much cleaner than they were. These responsible buyers were misled and as a result made decisions that would affect the environment - and peoples' health - in a more harmful way than they might have been comfortable with.
  • Resale: It is not exactly clear how much of a negative effect the VW emissions scandal will have on used VW prices. However, in the UK, a 2% drop in average prices was noticed in September, far above the usual depreciation figure of 0.2%. As the story continues to unfold and prices change, many predict a difference that could affect VW owners badly. When the VW owners purchased their vehicles for a premium price, they would not have envisaged such steep depreciations.
  • Vehicle ammendments: VW plan to fix all affected vehicles for free. However, the effects of these ammendments is not yet know and could change both MPG performance as well as the speed/acceleration performance. Once again, these new, potentially worse, performance figures were not the ones owners saw when they purchased.

Legally-speaking, VW's actions amount to a breach of contract. VW drivers were presented with incorrect information for them to make their buying decision on. As these misrepresentations may leave owers out of pocket, we believe it is VW's job to make sure all affected owners are sufficiently compensated.

Some industry insiders have quoted figures of around £2000 per vehicle in terms of how much compensation could be owed. This figure is only a guideline at this point however.

Am I eligible for VW compensation?

To be totally confident of your potential claim, you should find out what your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is. Affected cars will have a VIN that looks like this:


You can find this information by standing outside the car on the driver's side . Then look at the corner of your dashboard, about where it meets the wind-shield. If it is not visible there, it may be on the driver-side door post, where the door latches when closed. Finally, if you can't find it on your car, it will be on your official car documentation.


It should be noted that at this point it can not be guaranteed that VW compensation will be available. Please return to this site for all the latest on Volkswagen Recall and VW compensation news.